Emendator Scribes

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At Emendator Scribes, we provide a wide range of custom services.

For just $2 a page, we will copy-edit your writing, correcting any grammatical or typographical errors.

For $5 a page, we will rewrite your composition. This is especially useful for non-native English speakers and students who are concerned about plagiarism issues. When we complete our initial check, we always run the composition through a plagiarism checker first. This allows us to see what items need to be changed in order to prevent plagiarism. We will make changes as needed and write in comments and corrections using Track Changes in Word.

For $10 per 100 words, we will write a 100% original composition. This can be used when ghostwriting or creating content for websites, magazines, etc.

Send us an email today (emendator_scribes@yahoo.com) to get a free estimate!

Make sure to look at the samples provided in the site gallery.